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Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Forum (Conference-Hall 1)

The speakers of the Forum shared their impressions about their participation in 2019:

The Additive Technologies Forum provides an opportunity to explain advantages of new technologies to potential clients. Before the Forum I could not expect that keen interest in my presentation and so many questions. As a result, I got a lot of new contacts at the Forum.

I liked organization of the Forum and professionalism of the moderators. Interesting list of speakers and topics. The presentations were very interesting and topics were actual. The Additive Technologies Forum was very effective and interesting event. We were happy to share our experience in 3D-printing and got to know about new projects of our colleagues.

Forum Program 2019*:


June, 18

Block 1. Government and additive manufacturing. Subsidies. Certification.

  • RUSATOM – Additive Technologies "Certification of additive technologies in Russia"Vladimir Beregovskyi, Head of Technical Department, Svetlana Schurenkova, Process Manager
  • Industrial development fund “Сoncessional financing of AT integration into manufacturing”, Eugenia Shilyaeva, project head
  • Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University “Additive technologies integration into education via project activities”, Alexander Kulagin, Director of the educational and technological platform “Eurotech”
  • Skoltech "Educational programs in the Additive Technologies competence", Stanislav Evlashin, Senior Scientist

Block 2.  Foreign countries experience.

Moderator: Dmitry Melyukov, Regional manager of open innovations, AIRBUS

  • SIEMENS  "Additive manufacturing industrialization", Oleg Chizh, NX CAM Portfolio Development Executive
  • TRUMPF “Additive technologies in molding industry”, Nikolay Krutikov, Product Manager
  • Oerlikon AM "New materials and solutions in additive manufacturing", Michael Perevozchikov, Additive Technologies and Business Development Director
  • EOS "The Future of Additive Manufacturing: Industrial. Digital. Integrated", Dr. Jose Greses, Regional Director – Export North
  • 3DCeram "3D-printing with multi-materials; simplification of manufacturing process and expenses decrease", Ruslan Svintsitskiy, Sales Manager 
  • SMS Group "SMS group additive manufacturing - hi-tech equipment for high-quality metal powder manufacturing", Igor Gubanov, Head of the Moscow Representative
  • SLM Solutions RUS "Selective laser melting: application features in industrial production of parts. Cases of different components processing", Pavel Ladnov, Main Technical Expert
  • Gefertec, "3DMP® - 3D Metal Print. Industrial additive technology with metal wire", Dmitry Trubashevsky, Sales Director
  • VDMA & formnext, "AM – Success Story for the Industry", Sascha Wenzler, Vice President Mesago Messe Frankfurt, Rainer Gebhardt, Project Engineer Working Group Additive Manufacturing, VDMA
  • Fraunhofer IPT and ACAM - Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing, "How AM and Digitalization can advance the tooling industry", Dr. Kristian Arntz

Block 3. Made in Russia.

Moderator: Boris Bychkov, senior specialist in additive technologies, Laser Systems

  • FITNIK "Engineering in additive manufacturing", Vitaly Golovko, Constructor Engineer
  • Polema "Development tendencies and growth drivers in metal powder manufacturing for additive technologies in Russia", Anastasiya Kubanova, R&D Director
  • HarzLabs "Russian manufacturer of materials for 3D-printing – HarzLabs. Practical cases of additive technologies application", Andrey Adamov, R&D Director
  • RUSAL "RUSAL perspective developments and activities in additive technologies", Darya Daubarayte, Department of Additive Technologies, Light Materials and Technologies Institute
  • XTREEL 3D TECHNOLOGIES, "XTREEL materials for Binder Jetting", Stanislav Pashkevich, Business Development Director
  • IMPRINTA, "How to apply personal 3D-printing in manufacturing", Artyom Solomnikov, General Director
  • AB Universal, "Laser Melting Machine of the AB Universal engineering company", Sergey Seleznyov, leading specialist, 
  • Additive Solutions "Additive Solutions. Our experience, comparison and cases of printing with Russian 3D-printer AddSol D250", Stanislav Kozin, General director
  • Total Z, "Russian industrial 3D-printers: large dimension printing, printing with high-temperature and super structure materials", Alexey Dubinin, General Director
  • Lasers&Apparatus group, "Russian 3D-equipment for metal powders using SLM and DMD technologies", Dmitry Saprykin, Business Development Director
  • Laser Systems, "Integration of the additive selective laser melting technology into manufacturing advanced Russian machine", Vladimir Karapetyants, Leading Researcher

June, 19

Block 4. Additive technologies integration into traditional manufacturing process. Risks and advantages.

Moderator: Alexey Mazalov, General Director of the Center of additive technologies

  • Center of Additive Technologies, "Additive technologies for manufacturing enterprises", Alexey Mazalov, General Director
  • Cybercom, "Application of 3D-scanning systems in control of additive manufactured details", Igor Krymsky, General Director
  • DIPAUL ENGINEERING, "Additive technologies in science-based industry", Alexander Zubkov, General Director
  • DIPAUL ENGINEERING, "Your guide in additive technologies. 3D-scanning, prototyping, master models, molds, finished products", Ivan Zaytsev, Industrial Engineer
  • AB Universal, "NPG technology for manufacturing of ceramic details", Denis Podsoblyaev, Project Head
  • TEREM, "3D-scanners application in reverse-engineering and optical checking", Georgy Kazakevich, Sales Manager
  • TEREM, "3D-printers with large-sized printing camera for industrial application", Mikhail Rikhirev, Business Development Director
  • SIU SYSTEM, "Additive technologies and their prospects in metallurgy", Alexander Filippov, Sales Development Manager of industrial 3D-equipment
  • NISSA DIGISPACE, "Digital manufacturing trends"Pavel Trusov, Commercial Director
  • RUDN University, "Reconstruction of details using DMT method on InssTek MX-Grande", Andrey Alekseev, Technical Engineer

Block 5.  Examples of successful additive technologies integration into manufacturing process in different industries. 

·         Medicine – National Medical Research Center of Neurosurgeon by Burdenkom, "Additive technologies in reconstructive neurosurgeon", Alexey Maryakhin, Neurosurgeon, Vladimir Duvidzon, Line Manager polymeric materials processing, AB Universal

RUDN University, "Biocompatible abrasion-resistant coating with the carbonium base", Nikolay Sedykh, Technical Engineer

·         Bioprinting - 3D BIOPRINTING SOLUTIONS, "Business aspects of 3D-bioprinting",  Yusef Khesuani, Managing Partner

·         Machinery – Moscow machine-building enterprise by Chernyshyov - "Science and technology base of surface layer modification of additive manufactured details", Oksana Bycenko, Leading Specialist

·         Aviation and Aerospace – Samara National Research University, "Additive technologies for manufacturing  pilot prototypes in aviation", Anton Sotov, Assistant Professor of Motors Manufacturing

·         Automotive industry - the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering - "3D-printing in construction", Andrey Pustovgar, Prorector

*The program is subject to change 

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