ROSMOULD 2018 demonstrated modern achievements of 153 companies from 15 countries!


The 13th International Exhibition of Moulds, Die Moulds, Stamps, Equipment and Technologies for Manufacture of Products ROSMOULD took place on May 15-17, 2018 at IEC „Crocus Expo“ (Moscow).

The exhibition was attended by 6 315 specialists from 43 countries, 90% of which came from the following Federal Districts of Russia: Central, Volga, North-Western, Southern, Ural, Siberian, North-Caucasian and Far Eastern.The scope of visitors' professional profile has presented numerous industries: Mechanical and plant engineering, Automation of production, Research and development, Packaging, Construction and agriculture, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical and Chemical industries, Electrical energy, Domestic appliances, Jewelry and others.

Many visitors attended the exhibition several times - the total number of visits amounted to 8 683, which indicates the extensive exposition and the relevance of the business and educational program within the exhibition.

I was really pleased about the highly professional appearance of Rosmould 2018 with good exhibitors, interesting technologies to see and a lot of visitors on the show floor. Especially the Forum concentrating on additive manufacturing and innovative industrial solutions was an additional highlight this year!


153 companies from 15 countries presented the entire range of products and services coverign the full production process from design to the finished product – moulds, die moulds, stamps, additive technologies, raw materials, machinery and tooling.

The International exhibition ROSMOULD presented the stands of the largest manufacturers of moulds, die moulds and stamps, leading developers and distributors of 3D equipment, suppliers of injection molding machines and peripherals equipment, manufacturers of finished products of Russian manufacturers such as: EPK UrFu and OOO Svedlovskiy Instrumental Plant (Ekaterinburg), OOO IOLLA (Perm), OOO TZK Tekhosnastka (Moksva), ShatmpOs (Nizhny Novgorod region), LLC BETAR (Chistopol), LLC T-Mold (Sevastopol); and foreign ones: ALPHA LASER, HASCO and SCHUELKEN FORM (Germany), DME and MILACRON (USA), MORETTO (Italy), Guvenal, EBS (Turkey), Carelia Tools (Finland) CR Molds (Portugal) and others.


The latest developments in the field of prototyping and 3D-printing were presented by: TotalZ (Moscow), 3D Vision LLC (St. Petersburg), AP–Project (Nizhny Novgorod), Sfera-M (Chelyabinsk area), Color World (Moscow area) as well as foreign manufacturers Matricats (Spain), Sentrol, Evixscan (South Korea), Popbit 3D, ZRapid (China) and others.

Leading manufacturers and suppliers of injection molding machines and peripheral equipment such as
VL-Plast, Formotronik, YUDO, Kreativnye Mashiny and TPA-Trade demonstrated their innovations in the field of plastic processing and manufacturing of large series of products.

ROSMOULD was also proud to welcome the newcomers, exhibiting for the first time: STANDEX RUS (Nizhny Novgorod), PolymerResursy (Belgorod), SOATE (Stary Oskol), KAMA-MSM (Perm), Polipak (Samara) , ENERGOAVANGARD (Moscow), ROSTOV FACTORY PRESS FORM (Rostov region), GTG Techno-Mold (Kaluga), EASTMAX (Moscow), LPR Mold (Belarus), Lochin Mold (Uzbekistan) and others.

The national collective expositions of Germany, China and  Turkey demonstrated their achievements and innovative industiral solutions, which confirms the status of the ROSMOULD exhibition as one of the key events in the field of manufacturing of tooling equipment, 3D-printing and equipment for manufacture of plastic products in the post-Soviet region.

Hundreds of specialists took part in the business and educational program of the exhibition!


The premiere of the business forum of additive technologies "Additive manufacturing and 3D printing in industry" was a great success!

The forum was attended by major industry players and educational institutions which successfully apply additive technologies in medicine, automotive, construction, aerospace industry and other fields.

The specialists of FORD SOLLERS, SIEMENS, BEITEN BURKHARDT, AUTODESK, RUSATOM, AAHEN CENTER FOR ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING (GERMANY), MOSCOW AVIATION INSTITUTE and others have shared their experience of application of additive technologies. RUSATOM Company, which actively uses additive technologies in the manufacturing, not only made a presentation, but also became the Sponsor of the Forum.

The Forum covered a wide range of topical issues for the application of 3D-printing in a wide variety of fields, such as:

  • "New possibilities of design and manufacture of engineering parts by means of additive technologies" (Rusatom - Additive technologies),
  • "Oncologic patient treatment by using 3D printing technologies" (LLC "GITOINNOVACIYA"),
  • "Applications of 3D printing in the automotive industry" (FORD SOLLERS),
  • "Continuous process of additive manufacturing in SIEMENS NX" (SIEMENS),
  • "Tool making and 3D printing - competition or mutual benefits?" (Fraunhofer IPT and ACAM – Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing, Germany),
  • "Education in the field of additive technologies" (Skoltech)
  • "Additive technologies VS traditional metalworking. What is more economically effective?"
  • "Digital sculpture vs. classical sculpture. Is it possible to surpass Michelangelo?" (Petr Chegodayev, Sculptor)
  • "3D-print of constructive composite materials" (Anisoprint)

and other topics.

The forum caused a lively response from ROSMOULD visitors - more than 300 specialists visited the forum, the participants literally did not let the speakers go after the Forum by asking clarifying questions on the topics of their presentations.

The speakers of the Forum shared their impressions about their participation in the premiere of the new event within the framework of Rosmould 2018:

I have only positive impressions about my participation in the Forum "Additive manufacturing and 3D printing in industry" - both in terms of organization and in terms of its content. As for the interest in my presentation – it was the average level, as well as at other similar conferences. I’ve met some new specialists during the Forum, but also had communication with experts who I already know.

I have very positive impressions of my performance at the premier of 3D-printing Forum. It was above my expectations and was very beneficial one. To tell you the truth, I did not expect that my presentation would cause such interest - to be honest, I counted on a less prepared audience. Thanks to my speech at the forum, I’ve got interesting and perspective contacts.

We participated at the premiere of the Forum "Additive manufacturing and 3D printing in industry". Organization was great! Very interesting topics were covered, reflecting the veracity of the data and, first of all, the interest of the speakers themselves to the main topic of the Forum. As for my report, I did not expect such a keen interest in my topic. I’ve got interesting contacts and handed them over to the plant management. Once again, I would like to thank the organizers for the opportunity to participate in such a prestigious and informative event. I look forward to further cooperation!

I liked the new Forum "Additive manufacturing and 3D printing in industry" because representatives of small businesses could perform, which is not typical for at other similar events because of the high price tag. In general, the audience would be more active if the moderators gave time to questions. We managed to get interesting contacts at the Forum, but I will be able to comment on results of our communication only at ROSMOULD 2019.

The fringe program of ROSMOULD also presented the 4th International Conference on Industrial Design of Plastic Products “Ideas. Design. Items”.  Official sponsor of the conference - ART-UP Design Studio. The partner of conference - MNPC Interbranch Research and Production Centre.

We were pleased with a new format of ROSMOULD this year, the new organizers brought interesting innovations. Additionally I want to note the success of the Conference on Industrial Design of Plastic Products "IDEAS. DESIGN. ITEMS" - it was the most thematic event for us, we participated at the Conference as speakers, and our developments were of great interest

The conference covered the following topics:

  • Innovative developments in the field of industrial design. 4 cases of sucessful projects. (ART-UP Design Studio)
  • Nickel forms - high-tech equipment for production of soft-touch parts. (LLC "Standex RUS")
  • Influence of the shape and design of the product on the economy of manufacturing. Relationship between design oft he product and manufacture of molds (ART-UP Design Studio)
  • Engineering calculations of molds for injection molding thermoplastic materials in Moldex3D version R16. (JSC SiSoft)
  • Innovations and trends in industrial design: the state and business (Moscow State Educational Complex, Publishing and Polygraphic College named after Ivan Fedorov)
  • Manufacturing of products from plastics, composite materials and combined metal-polymer systems (ART-UP Design Studio)

and other related topics.


Extended educational program of ROSMOULD 2018 also featured the premier of Technical conference "Injection molds: Design, manufacture, maintenance", presenting valuable information from the gurus of the industry.

Among the speakers, the professionals and veterans of the mold industry shared their experience in designing and using molds:

  • Criterial selection of materials for mold making (I. Maryin, Technical Director of LLC Schmolz + Bikkenbach)
  • Examples of the use of innovative technologies for molding thermoplastics in the design of injection molds
    (I.E. Goldberg, Chief Designer)
  • Hot-runner systems of injection molds. From book knowledge to practice (V.G. Duvidzon, Chief Constructor of AB-Universal)
  • Design of sprue systems for injection molding of thermoplastic elastomers (I.A. Barvinsky, Chief Specialist of JSC SiSoft)
  • Maintenance of molds. German quality in the Russian market (M. Anisimov, Project Manager of SCHUELKEN FORM)

and other topics.


For the first time the exhibition hosted the contest of young professionals “WorldSkills Russia” in the competences “Industrial Design” and “Jewelcrafting”.

Within the “Industrial Design” compentence participants from different regions of Russia developed a cast case of the radio player according to customers‘ requirements. At the “Jewelcrafting” participants created a modular product with symbols of ROSMOULD, in accordance with all the requirements and criteria indicated in the task. During 3 days the participants created a metal product according to the job drawing, using the main technological operations - sawing, mounting, soldering, grinding.

The exhibitors shared their impressions about Rosmould 2018:

We’ve been seriously preparing for the exhibition - we’ve been doing mailings, inviting our customers. Also thanks to the participation in the Conference, new interesting contacts appeared - the specialists wanted to talk in person, asked specific technical questions. The visitor audience was very professional, we had interesting communication and a lively response to our developments. The most of our visitors were from Moscow and the Central region, but there was interest from the middle part of Russia as well, and the Siberian region, we had specialists from Yoshkar-Ola today at our stand. By industrial sectors – our stand was visited by specialists from medicine and tool making, partly from automotive industry - but this is not exactly our specificity, large-sized molds – is not really our profile. It is still early to convert the live interest of visitors to real orders, this process can take from several months to years. We take part in ROSMOULD from the very beginning, and we plan to participate next year in the exhibition and the Conference "IDEAS. DESIGN. ITEMS".

This year our impression from ROSMOULD is better than last year. The number of visitors surprised us very much, especially on the second day of the exhibition – it was a very busy traffic. ROSMOULD is the best platform for us due to its specificity in the product groups, there are no random people here and specialists come with specific tasks. We are glad! In addition to our regular customers, there were some new promising contacts. There were also people who are only discovering the area of manufacture of equipment, so they come with a minimal set of knowledge, and we are happy to tell them from the ground up so that the person can decide if he should invest in that business. The core audience of visitors are technical experts, and our main task is to preliminarily calculate our design and manufacturing capabilities based on their needs and technical requirements. People come home after the show and already understand how exactly our company can assist them. So it's great to solve all these issues at the exhibition – potential clients can see what we manufacture, compare it with offers of our competitors and to make the first decisions straight at the exhibition. We are glad to see more companies from Belarus at the exhibition this year. There are also molds from China, but I am glad that there is no distortion - different countries are represented at ROSMOULD. The visitors are mainly from the Central region of Russia, and the regions where the plastic and stamping industries are developed very well - mainly the automotive industry - in particular, the Volga region. There was a lot of interest from representatives of the car industry - they are basically "fashion legislators" today. Electronic industry, telephones, gadgets and auto industries are giving us the opportunity to work, because they need multimillion production runs. It requires serious tooling, tasks and prices. We plan to participate in ROSMOULD next year. We present services for the manufacture of shape-generating equipment, and ROSMOULD is a narrow-profile specialized exhibition for the engineering and manufacture of shape-generating equipment. So our tasks clearly coincide with the tasks of visitors. ROSMOULD is the best exhibition for our goals to achieve!

This year ROSMOULD looks much more interesting in terms of the representation of participants - it is clear that Messe Frankfurt approached this issue seriously and increased the number of exhibitors. We hope that this trend will continue and at the exhibition will attract more participants - producers of molds from the different regions of Russia. As for the organization – everything was very smooth, the organizers consulted us about participation in the joint marketing campaign to attract visitors to our booth the most effectively. We have been sending the information about our products and it was appearing in the exhibition news, e-mailings and social media. It was a great campaign. Next year, we also plan to participate in the business and educational program of the exhibition. As for the visitors, for the first day it was not that busy, but the second day was very effective, we were even slightly overloaded, barely have time to communicate with all customers. It would have been great if people come more evenly during the first two days of the exhibition. I have a feeling that in total it were the same number of visitors as last year, but the rotation is visible, not everyone can come to the exhibition every year. This year, we have presented Mold Masters and DME brands on our stand and have achieved our goals - acquainted our customers with products of both brands.

First of all, I would like to thank the organizers for having postponed the exhibition from June to May, which allowed us to find contact with our customers, because in June there would be few chances to meet with them and work so productively. We can note that the number of visitors has not fallen, perhaps even slightly increased. And most importantly - since we are suppliers of components - all of our customers who were present here, like manufacturers of injection moulds, also note the increase of visitors. This indicates that the industry is developing, and taken into consideration the support from the organizers of the exhibition, I think that in the future we will have good results and we will profit from our cooperation. Since this is a profile exhibition on our topic, probably the only such profile exhibition in Russia and in the post-Soviet region, we can say that the level of visitors is quite high. My colleagues from Germany, who also worked at the stand, technicians - both on hot-runner and mold-based technologies, noted a rather high level of questions. 80 percent of visitors asked complex technical and practical questions about our products. At least 80 percent of visitors are our customers, people who know our company and products, who came to solve specific issues. They know the exhibition as a traditional venue, where they can solve their problems, get consultations from specialists. I believe that ROSMOULD should continue to develop, to look for new solutions that will allow solving more tasks. It's very good that you have invited as speakers at the Conference "Molds for injection molding" such leaders of industry as Mr. Goldberg and Mr. Duvidzon, but it would be great if you invite not only theoreticians but also applicators, so that next year we can look for the answers on the topical issues of the industry together. Next year we will definitely participate in ROSMOULD!

We are looking forward to seeing you in the next edition of ROSMOULD: 18-20 June 2019, Crocus Expo, Moscow.


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