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International business forum "Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing"

Forum Program 2019*:


June, 18

Block 1. Government and additive manufacturing. Subsidies. Certification.

  • Industrial development fund “Subsidies for the 3D printers and materials manufacturers for additive manufacturing” – Eugenia Shilyaeva, project head
  • Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University “Additive technologies integration into education via project activities”, Kulagin, Director of the educational and technological platform “Eurotech”
  • Skoltech – Evlashin Stanislav

    Other topics (speakers to be confirmed soon):
  • Tendencies in R&D subsidies for additive manufacturing
  • Additive technologies certification.
  • Territories for the innovative manufacturing. Centers of additive technologies and academic-research technological centers.
  • 3D mainstream. How technologies are ahead of their possible development scenarios.

Block 2.  Foreign countries experience.

Moderator: Dmitry Melyukov, Regional manager of open innovations, AIRBUS

  • SIEMENS  «Additive manufacturing industrialization»
  • TRUMPF “Additive technologies in foundry industry”, Nikolay Krutikov
  • Formnext
  • Fraunhofer
  • ACAM

Block 3. Made in Russia.

Moderator: Boris Bychkov, senior specialist in additive technologies, CYBERCOM

  • 3.1. Russian achievements. Materials.
     “ Development tendencies and growth drivers of metal dust manufacturing for additive technologies in Russia” 
  • RUSAL “RUSAL perspective inventions and dimensions in additive technologies”, Darya Daubarayte, Department of Additive Technologies, Light Materials and Technologies Institute
  • XTREEL 3D Technologies “XTREEL materials for Binder Jetting technologies”, Stanislav Pashkevich, Business Development Directors

3.2. Russian achievements. Machinery

IMPRINTA  “How to apply personal 3D printing in manufacturing” – Artyom Solomnikov, General Director

AB Universal

Terem “3D printers with the big construction camera for industrial appliance”


June, 19

Block 4. Additive technologies integration into traditional manufacturing process. Risks and advantages.

Moderator: Alexey Mazalov, General Director of the Center of additive technologies

  • Center of additive technologies “Additive technologies appliance for manufacturing plants”, Alexey Mazalov, General Director
  • CYBERCOM feat 3D Control «Using of 3D scanning systems for the control of detailes manufactured by additive technologies»
  • Dipaul «Additive technologies appliance in science-based industry»
  • Dipaul «Using of SLA 3D printing for processes optimization of the plastic molding into silicon forms»
  • Terem «Using of SLM technologies for molding – printing of applications in molding»
  • SIU System “Additive technologies and their future in metallurgy”
  • National University of Science and Technology MISIS

Block 5.  Examples of successful additive technologies integration into manufacturing process in different industries. 

·         Medicine – National Medical Research Center of Neurosurgeon by Burdenko «Additive technologies in reconstructive neurosurgeon» Alexey Maryakhin, neurosurgeon

·         Machinery – Moscow machine-building enterprise by Chernyshyov- Oksana Bycenko

·         Aviation and Aerospace – Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI)

·         Automotive industry - State Research Center of the Russian Federation NAMI

*The program is subject to change 

The speakers of the Forum shared their impressions about their participation in the premiere of the new event within the framework of Rosmould 2018:

I have only positive impressions about my participation in the Forum "Additive manufacturing and 3D printing in industry" - both in terms of organization and in terms of its content. As for the interest in my presentation – it was the average level, as well as at other similar conferences. I’ve met some new specialists during the Forum, but also had communication with experts who I already know.

I have very positive impressions of my performance at the premier of 3D-printing Forum. It was above my expectations and was very beneficial one. To tell you the truth, I did not expect that my presentation would cause such interest - to be honest, I counted on a less prepared audience. Thanks to my speech at the forum, I’ve got interesting and perspective contacts.

We participated at the premiere of the Forum "Additive manufacturing and 3D printing in industry". Organization was great! Very interesting topics were covered, reflecting the veracity of the data and, first of all, the interest of the speakers themselves to the main topic of the Forum. As for my report, I did not expect such a keen interest in my topic. I’ve got interesting contacts and handed them over to the plant management. Once again, I would like to thank the organizers for the opportunity to participate in such a prestigious and informative event. I look forward to further cooperation!

I liked the new Forum "Additive manufacturing and 3D printing in industry" because representatives of small businesses could perform, which is not typical for at other similar events because of the high price tag. In general, the audience would be more active if the moderators gave time to questions. We managed to get interesting contacts at the Forum, but I will be able to comment on results of our communication only at ROSMOULD 2019.

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