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Conference on industrial design 16 May, 2018 Program

The IV International Conference on Industrial Design of Plastic Products "IDEAS. DESIGN. ITEMS”

Main topics:


- Design and product design. 3D modeling;

- Innovative developments in the field of industrial design, projects;

- Organization of product design development process;

- Influence of the form and design of the product on the economy of its production;

- Software and applications for industrial design;

- New equipment and technologies for production and design of plastic products;

- Technology and necessity for a prototype of a new plastic product;

-  Scanning, construction, 3D-printing;

- Equipment, raw materials and materials for manufacturing the model (prototype);

- Design of plastic products, composite materials, combined metal-polymer systems;

- The role of design thinking in creating innovative products;

- New applications and combinations of polymer materials;

- The relationship between the design of the product and the manufacture of the mold;

- The product label as an element of decor and marketing;

- Urgency of advanced training of designers;

- Forum of experts: talks of manufactures, discussion of advantages and disadvantages of

equipment based on experience of specific enterprises. Dialogues between providers and customers;

- Cooperation and optimization of processes, the difficulties faced by designer during development of a new product.

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Дмитрий Шеламов

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