Conference on industrial design Program

The IV International Conference on Industrial Design of Plastic Products "IDEAS. DESIGN. ITEMS”

Conference program:


10-40 Quick launch of small parts from injection molded PCM into batch production.

Vladimir Lebedev, General Director of LLC "VL-Plast"

11-00 Innovative developments in the field of industrial design (4 cases of the latest successful projects)

Oleg Bazoev and Ilya Ischenko, Leading designers of the Art-Up Design Studio

11-20 Nickel forms - high-tech equipment for production of soft-touch parts.

Artem Sbitnev, General Director of LLC "Standex RUS"

11-50 Influence of the shape and design of the product on the economy of manufacturing. Relationship between design of the product and manufacture of molds.

Alexey Kutyaev, General Director of the Art-Up Design Studio

12-10 Engineering calculations of molds for injection molding thermoplastic materials in Moldex3D version R16.

Igor Barvinsky, Chief Specialist, AS "SiSoft"

12-30 Modern technologies of recovery and manufacturing of screw pairs.

Igor Kornilov, Head of Sales, LLC "Scientific and Technical Firm NTV"

12-50 Innovations and trends in industrial design: the state and business

Sofia Sitnik, State Educational Establishment "Moscow State Educational Complex",

Andrey Ermakov, Moscow State Publishing House "Moscow Publishing and Polygraphic College named after Ivan Fyodorov"

13-20 Design of products from plastics, composite materials, combined metal-polymer systems

Alexey Baranov, Head of the experimental and production department of the Art-Up Design Studio

Alexey Kutyaev, Industrial Designer, Candidate of Technical Science, Director ART-UP Design Studio

We were pleased with a new format of ROSMOULD this year, the new organizers brought interesting innovations. Additionally I want to note the success of the Conference on Industrial Design of Plastic Products "IDEAS. DESIGN. ITEMS" -  it was the most thematic event for us, we participated at the Conference as speakers, and our developments were of great interest.

For participation please contact

Dmitry Shelamov

Show Director

Дмитрий Шеламов

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