19 June 2019 Pavilion 1, Hall 1

Technical conference "Injection Molding. Molds, technologies, equipment"

Work Program

General Sponsor: The Japan Steel Works

Session 1:


Molds and tools.

Design, manufacture, maintenance.

Session Sponsor: Tavrida-Electric

09:30    Registration of participants of the Session 1. Opening. Welcome speech.

            (EPC “Profession”, A. Ogay)

10:00    Special steels for mirror polishing                                           

             (“Schmolz+Bikkenbach”, Germany-Russia, I. Maryin)

10:30    To be determined

11:00    Examples of the use of innovative technologies for thermoplastics molding in the design of injection molds (to be      determined)

            (I. Goldberg)

11:30    Practical case – the efficiency of GKS application and modeling in MOLDEX the mold for complex products.

            (“Tavrida-Electric”, A. Mashkin)

12:00    German quality at the Russian market. Problems and solutions. (to be determined)

            (“SCHUELKEN FORM”, Germany, M. Schuelken)

12:30    Engineering of molds. (to be determined)

            (“HASCO Hasenclever GmbH + Co. KG”, Germany, д-р В. Царев)

13:00 – 13:30 Discussion. Prize drawing!

(Engineering and construction of molds, Modern technologies of mirror polishing. Guide for learning and application (+DVD). How to manufacture molds)

Session 2:


Injection molding machines and auxiliary equipment.

Quality control, problem identification and solving.

14:00    Registration of participants of the Session 2. Opening. Welcome speech.

            (EPC “Profession”, A. Ogay)

14:30    Reasons of success of JSW electric injection molding machines in Russia

            (“The Japan Steel Works”, Japan-Russia, K. Greig)

15:00    Inhomogenuity of structure of molded details from thermoplasts and its influence on quality.

            (JSC “Si-Soft”, Russia, A. Barvinsky)

15:30    New materials for molding – composites, engineering plastics, wood-, glass- filled, thermoplastic rubber.  (to be determined)

            (TD “Plastik”, Russia)

16:00    Peripheral and auxiliary equipment. (to be determined)

            (“Formet Plastic Machinery”, Russia, A. Kondorev)

16:30    Special aspects of preparation of details manufacture from lath.

            (“AB-Universal”, Russia, V. Duvidzon)

17:00    Automatization and organization of smart molding enterprise.  

            (to be determined)

17:30 – 18:00 Discussion. Prize drawing!

(Thermoplastics injection molding, 2d edition. Injection molding machines, problem identification and solving)

For participation please contact

Dmitry Shelamov

Show Director

Дмитрий Шеламов

Conference Partners :

jsw en

General Partner

Japan Steel Works (JSW) is producing in Hiroshima first class Electric injection molding machines more than last 30 years and upto 3.000 tons, the biggest in world among electric machines. 

лого T-mould web

Partner Session 1

Instrumental plant "T-Mold" (Sevastopol) realizes the whole production chain - from engineering to testing the following equipment:

  • molds for thermoplastics; 
  • molds for rubber and liquid silicone;
  • conductors and other specialized equipment;
  • dies (blanking, punching, bending, drawing, combined).