Conference "Injection molds"

Technical conference "Injection molds: Design, manufacture, maintenance"


Extended educational program of ROSMOULD 2018 featured the premier of Technical conference "Injection molds: Design, manufacture, maintenance", presenting valuable information from the gurus of the industry.

Among the speakers, the professionals and veterans of the mold industry shared their experience in designing and using molds:

  • Criterial selection of materials for mold making (I. Maryin, Technical Director of LLC Schmolz + Bikkenbach)
  • Examples of the use of innovative technologies for molding thermoplastics in the design of injection molds
    (I.E. Goldberg, Chief Designer)
  • Hot-runner systems of injection molds. From book knowledge to practice (V.G. Duvidzon, Chief Constructor of AB-Universal)
  • Design of sprue systems for injection molding of thermoplastic elastomers (I.A. Barvinsky, Chief Specialist of JSC SiSoft)
  • Maintenance of molds. German quality in the Russian market (M. Anisimov, Project Manager of SCHUELKEN FORM)

and other topics.

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