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WorldSkills Russia. The Young Professional Contest (Booth B.20 / C.21)

Competence "Industrial Design"

Industrial design is an area of ​​art and an element of digital economy of the future, aimed at creating easy-to-use products with a modern look and materials. Industrial design as a kind of activity includes elements of art, marketing, design and technology. Within the framework of ROSMOULD 2018, participants from different regions of Russia will have to develop a cast case of the radio player according to the application from the customer, which includes basic requirements.

Within 3 days participants will be working on the project on the following modules:


Module 1: Sketch-concept of the project

The participant needs to study the received object and requirements of the customer. It is necessary to identify parameters for improving the object from the point of view of participant and improving the parameters in accordance with client's order. Create a table of initial parameters. The participant must execute sketches in accordance with the task, suggest a new solution of the object. Completed sketches should be informative, reveal the essence of the project, contain artistic value.


Module 2: Briefing

The proposed project should be submitted to the commission. Experts make comments on the draft, which in the future should be eliminated.


Module 3: 3D sketch of the project

The participant will have to execute a 3D model of the object, based on the sketches and comments of the commission.


Module 4: Workflow

The task of the participant will be development within one and a half or two days of the current prototype of the object, based on the reconstructed 3D model. The project can be modified to make the object eventually work. At the hours specified by the experts, participants submit technical documents specifying technological stages.


Module 5: Presentation of the project.

The task of the participant will be development of a completed project presentation. The participant will need to present his project to the customers.

Competence "Jewelcrafting"

Jeweler's art is one of the oldest and widespread types of decorative and applied art. Profession "Jeweler" is complex and multifaceted, it includes a lot of directions. The need for manual execution of jewelry does not lose its significance, and moreover, with the development of modern technologies, manual creative work remains in demand.

Within the framework of the ROSMOULD 2018 exhibition, participants will create a modular product with symbols of event, in accordance with all the requirements and criteria indicated in the task.

Within 3 days the participants will create a metal product according to the job drawing, using the main technological operations - sawing, mounting, soldering, grinding.