07 – 09 June 2022 Moscow, IEC "Crocus Expo" Participation

What is Rosmould?

Rosmould is a unique trade fair dedicated to mould and tool making in Russia. It includes such product groups as: Design and Product Development | Moulds. Die Moulds. Stamps | Forming equipment and tools + 3D-Tech - Additive Technologies and 3D-Printing.

What you can expect at Rosmould?

  • Plastics and composites, metals and alloys, rubber and coutchoucs: this is a short list of materials the equipment for work with is presented at Rosmould
  • All and sundry comes to us: visitors from machinery, metallurgy, chemical, petrochemical as well as food, medicine industries
  • All production chain at the same fairground: from design to the finished product
  • Clearly organised: All spectrum of equipment and services is divided in 5 product groups and 2 special expositions.                        
  • Most of key decision makers at one fair site: High management from over 31 countries visits Rosmould each year

About Rosmould 2021

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Our visitors - your potential clients

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7894 specialists from 15 industries

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Product Groups


Industrial Design of Products

Product Development and Engineering

Simulation and Visualization

Digital Prototyping

Reverse Engineering

Technical Analysis of Product Construction


Protection of Intellectual Property


Manufacturing of Injection Moulds

Casting, Blow и Vacuum Forming Moulds

Extrusion Moulds

Stamps (Blank, Bending, Forming etc)

Shape-Generating Details

Standard Components, Units, Parts

Elements of Cooling System


Equipment and Tools for Repair and Maintenance of Moulds

Laser and Engraving Equipment

Measurement and Metrology Equipment

Cutting and Shape-Generating Tools

Metal and Alloys for Toolmaking

Hydraulic and Mechanical Presses 

Systems for Production Automatization

Other Non-Standard Technologocal Equipment


Services of Coating Deposition and Polishing of Moulds

Repair and Reconstruction of Moulds

Care Products and Service Maintenance

Mechanical Machining of Metal Parts

Services of Heat Treating

Development and Testing of Moulds

Warranty and Post-warranty Maintenance

Training and Qualification

3D-Tech - Additive Technologies and 3D-Printing - Specialized Section at Rosmould


3D-Tech - Additive Technologies and 3D-Printing

Industrial 3D-Printers and Lines

Professional and Personal 3D-Printers


3D-Printing Service / Simulation

3D-Scanning and Geometric Control

Software for 3D-Equipment

Materials for 3D-Printing

Parts and Components

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Exhibitors about Rosmould 2019:

It is obvious that development of Russian economy influenced the development of the industry. Last year I was at Rosmould as a visitor, and the exhibition has grown comparing to the last year. The list of participants has changed, there are fewer Asian manufacturers and more Russian ones. For us, the number of visitors was quite high.I know that the exhibition team has done a lot to promote the event. Our target audience has known us for a long time, but there were also new visitors, whom we did not know before, outlined interesting contacts. At this exhibition we also met our old customers to discuss the details of supplying our products. Our goal of participation in Rosmould is above all to show our exclusive products, which have no analogues in Russia: large moulds and polymers. Our new equipment was very interesting for the visitors of our booth.

For comparison, I was at Formnext in Frankfurt, so the Rosmould is quite comparable in terms of level and quality. As for the number of visitors, the first two days were very rich. Our stand was visited by new potential customers, our capabilities and solutions were of great interest. First of all, our goal at the exhibition was to present ourselves as a company that has been operating in the market for the second year. FITNIK is a Russian-German joint venture established by leaders in the field of design and additive manufacturing, the Russian company NIK and the German company FIT AG. And, of course, we have been planning to aquire new customers during the exhibiton. There were interesting contacts for our business, everything went as we expected. I also was a speaker at the Additive Technologies Forum and my presentation caused a good interest from the participants side.

We participate in Rosmould for the second time, and in general, we liked everything. There was interest in our products, there are customers in Russia, and we want to expand this market. Last year we took part in an exhibition in Norway - there were several times fewer visitors than here. And here at Rosmould it is very lively. Here come the experts. Our booth was visited by new people, there were interesting contacts. In the near future, we will develop proposals for the received requests and will evaluate the results. The main goal of our participation in the exhibition was to get new customers from Russia.

The impressions of the exhibition are very positive, this year the clients were approaching our stand much more seriously - already with ready-made technical tasks. The quality of visitors has changed for the better, and this year we received 3 times more real orders. 90% of visitors of our stand were new potential customers for us. During the exhibition, several cooperation decisions were made. Our main goal at the exhibition was to meet new customers and our expectations of participation in Rosmould were met.

Bright moments of Rosmould 2021: let's remember how it was