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German constructors use 3D printing to create the first apartment building

Aug 18, 2021

The construction of the first 3D-printed residential building is completed In Germany


The construction was designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the technology. The house contains five apartments on three floors with a living area of ​​about 380 m². It was created using the BOD2 construction 3D printer, which is the fastest on the market.

Now, after 100 hours of 3D printing and ten months of refining the technology, construction is complete.

The house was built by PERI, a construction company that teamed up with Danish manufacturer COBOD to create the printer. According to the press release, the construction technology used in the construction of the house was first applied in practice in Germany and passed all regulatory approval procedures.


The system has a printhead that moves in three axes on a sturdy metal frame, which allows the printer to move anywhere within the structure and requires only one calibration. This saves time and money.

In addition, the printer can analyze pipes and connections for water, electricity and other communications that will be added later. In this way, manual tasks such as installing pipes and connections can be performed while the structure is being printed.

The structure consists of triple-skinned hollow walls filled with insulating material. BOD2 can create 1 square meter of double-sided wall in less than five minutes. A printer with a print head requires two operators, and the print results are monitored through a camera.

The structure was printed using a substance dubbed " 3D" by HeidelbergCement, which claims to have "excellent pumping and extrusion characteristics." The material is designed to meet the unique needs of construction 3D printing and works flawlessly with the BOD2 printer.