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ALPHA LASER GmbH - a pioneer in the field of mobile welding @ ROSMOULD 2018! Booth C.15

Mar 29, 2018

ALPHA LASER GmbH is an owner-operated middle-sized company specialized in developing and manufacturing laser systems for welding, cutting and hardening of metals.


The laser systems are used in skilled trades and industrial production. The laser devices are complete machines for various applications in materials processing. As a pioneer in the field of mobile welding, ALPHA LASER offers a variety of laser systems for flexible, mobile use.

The ALM is particularly useful for welding work on large molds and tools, casings and machine parts, everywhere in fact where mobility is necessary.

Whether on the customer site or in your own workshop, the ALM offers you the greatest possible flexibility for welding.

It is ready to operate in minutes. The arm is brought quickly to the spot to be welded and it is fixed into working position using hydraulic brakes.


The ALFlak systems offer many possibilities in the field of mobile laser- and repair welding: with its extended reach and bigger travelling range, welding positions in deep and complex shapes can easily be reached thanks to the long laser arm. All ALFlak laser systems are available in two versions: either as Nd:YAG laser or as fiber laser System. They are either available with a self-propelled caterpillar track or a model that can be moved manually.

You can choose the laser power depending on your needs. The company provides systems with 300/450/600 and 900 watts.