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Babyplast-Russia (LLC "VL-PLAST") will present a small-sized horizontal injection molding machine Babyplast 6/10 for production of small and precise plastic parts. Stand C.13

Apr 19, 2018

Small-sized horizontal injection molding machine Babyplast 6/10 (horizontal version) designed for the production of small and precise plastic parts with a full range of additional equipment:

  • Industrial water cooler (chiller);
  • Dryer combined with the loader of polymer granules;
  • Separator of gates from parts of roller type;
  • Water thermostat (thermostat) to maintain a constant temperature of the mold;
  • Crusher gates (polymer waste);

Over the past 20 years, Babyplast mini-thermoplastic automats (horizontal and vertical versions) have been world leaders in production of small and precise plastic parts. Equipment of Babyplast is economical, low noise and optimal for production of lots of parts from tens to hundreds of thousands of pieces. The low cost of mold making compared to molds for standard injection molds is an important factor in t application of Babyplast in the manufacture of parts from all types of polymeric materials with melt temperatures up to 420 degrees Celsius.


In addition to Babyplast mini-booth, our stand at ROSMOULD 2018 will feature many examples of injection molds and sample parts that we serially produce for our customers at our production site.

We invite you to visit interested specialists to work out and discuss new projects in the field of delivery of injection molding machines, peripheral equipment for the plastics industry, design and manufacture of injection molds, injection molded parts from plastic, small-sized TPP Babyplast, and standard injection molding machines.



A separate exposition will be devoted to industrial water chillers (chillers) and thermostats from the company Eurochiller S.r.l. (Italy)

See you at our booth C13 at Rosmould 2018!