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"Color World" exclusive distributor will present new models of the printer brand Raise3D - Pro2 and Pro2 Plus at ROSMOULD 2018.

Apr 2, 2018

Raise3D is a well-known Chinese developer and manufacturer of professional 3D printers. Currently, 3D printers are used in various fields of application: in industrial and household design, architecture, in research and educational institutions, in production of footwear, interior items, photo equipment and in other areas.

PRO2 and PRO2 Plus.png

Raise3D printers are designed specifically for the needs of corporations that aim to optimize and reduce the cost of production, make it more convenient through the use of innovative 3D technologies. They are incredibly reliable, accurate, efficient and easy to maintain, which makes them ideal working tools in both large and small industries. Raise3D is awarded with the most prestigious awards in the sphere of 3D technologies according to Make magazine, popular Internet platforms and 3D HUBS.

Within the framework ROSMOULD-2018 the company "Color World" will present  new models of industrial printers Raise3D Pro2 and Pro2 Plus. This is a 3D printer designed specifically for small-scale production and organization of printed 3D farms. Of course, they are suitable for use in other areas, as well as previous models of Raise3D N-series.

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