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Center for the Technological Competence of Additive Technologies will take part in Rosmould 2020

Mar 18, 2020

JSC “Center for the Technological Competence of Additive Technologies” will present its production at Rosmould 2020

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The JSC “Center for the Technological Competence of Additive Technologies” was established in 2014 with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Voronezh Region.

The Center was created taking into account world experience in the field of additive technologies using equipment by leading manufacturers: SLM Solutions, Stratasys, EOS GmbH, MK Technology GmbH, 3D Systems, Envisiontec and others. The Center's equipment park is represented by layer-by-layer synthesis units (industrial 3D printers) working on the most advanced technologies, as well as equipment for 3D scanning, a casting vacuum machine and CNC machines.

The activities of the Center are aimed at the development of additive technologies by introducing industrial enterprises into production processes, thereby contributing to increasing the competitiveness of products. The use of additive technologies allows to create all the necessary conditions not only for the development of innovation, but also significantly reduces the period of adaptation of production to the results of R&D.

A wide range of materials is used, which allows to produce prototypes, models, equipment and full-featured complex products:

- gypsum polymer composite;
- photopolymer resins;
- various types of engineering plastics;
- burnable materials with low ash content;
- powder steels and alloys: stainless steel, tool steel, heat resistant nickel alloys, cobalt chromium alloy, aluminum and titanium alloys (domestic and foreign materials are used).

The following main tasks are solved within the framework of the Center’s activities:

• Performing R&D, R&D and R&D using additive technologies;
• 3D scanning of objects, reverse engineering;
• 3D modeling;
• Development of design documentation;
• Translation of design documentation into electronic form;
• Creation of photorealistic design and architectural images, layouts and products;
• Engineering calculations by the finite element method;
• Industrial Design;
• Rapid prototyping and small-scale production of end products from polymers, composite materials and metal;
• Production of master models for casting in elastic (silicone) molds, vacuum casting of polymers and wax;
• Manufacturing of lost and wax master models for subsequent casting of steels and alloys;
• Manufacturing of equipment;
• Laser cutting;
• Prototyping (monochrome and full color);
• Post-processing (manual and on CNC machines);
• Non-contact quality control of geometry by 3D scanning using verified equipment;
• Development of fusion / sintering / deposition of new materials for 3D printing;
• Conducting comprehensive research and testing of printed samples from various materials;
• Training (trainings, advanced training courses) of enterprise specialists in the areas of “Introduction to Additive Technologies” and “Operation of SLM Systems”;
• Development and implementation of our own equipment - desktop 3D printers for design and technological services;
• Development of special. equipment in accordance with the statement of work using additive technologies.

There is a license to carry out work related to the use of information constituting a state secret.