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Turkish manufacturer of hot runner systems will take part for the first time in ROSMOULD 2019 (Booth C.28)

Jun 4, 2019

Hat Teknik Ltd. Company is the first and the biggest hot runner systems manufacturing company with a leading position in Turkey

Hat Teknik Ltd. Company located in Istanbu,l has 1000 m² closed area, high-tech machines and 35 experienced employees,  is the first and the biggest hot runner systems manufacturing company with a leading position in Turkey.

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Production and Design Engineering


Employees are continuously improving their technical skills according to the needs of our customers. The highly qualified technical team is well equipped for the development and manufacture of a project. The specialists analyze new plastic parts to determine in advance gating points and gating numbers etc. of hot runners by Moldex 3D plastic injection molding simulation software. The expert technical team creates the 2D and 3D drawings of the project and submit it to a customer's approval. Each stage of the process is controlled by the engineers and then manufacturing of hot runner systems starts.



HatSys hot runner products are manufactured in accordance with high quality and full customer satisfaction by the professionals. With 20 machine capacity, 6 of which is CNC, the company produces all the demands from customers in a short time. The Quality Department, measures and tests hot runner products by CMM device, high precision measurment instuments and test apparatuses, then if all tests and measures are O.K., hot runner components are sent to the customers. Manifolds and hot runner nozzles are manufactured by certified high-quality German steel, Moldmax, titanium and tungstein carbide materials. All heaters and  thermocouples that are used in hot runner systems are made by European Union companies and have CE certificate.

Service and Warranties


The sevice of HatSys Hot Runner systems is provided free of charge by 6 technical personnel who are expert in their field. First run of hot runner systems, electrical connection and system installation are provided free of charge to the customers. Technical support is provded at the customer's workplace during trial production. Service requests from the customers are meet within 24 hours. HatSys hot runner systems are guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects. (Does not include heaters)