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The program of Industrial Design Conference "Ideas. Design. Items" has been formed

Apr 25, 2019

Industrial design is an area which is becoming more and more popular within the framework of development of our country. According to the government’s resolution, the country is embaring on the manufacturing of its own consumer goods, which makes industrial designers in demand in the labor market, and the profession of industrial designer become more interesting to applicants.


To understand the role of industrial design in creating a product, first of all you need to answer the question: why do manufacturers need design and what tasks can it solve? There are many scientific and "mundane" definitions of the purpose of industrial design, but they all agree on one fact. On one hand  design serves to define the formal qualities of industrial products, such as appearance, structural and functional features, on the other hand -  industrial design is a necessary tool to invent products that can use new technologies for a comfortable life.

Conference Program:


Welcome speech of the conference organizers and partners



Modern industrial design: Experience of small-scale production of large and small-sized products by means of composite and modular tooling - 2 cases.

Alexey Kutyaev, General Director of Art-Up Design Studio


Collaboration of an industrial designer and design engineer for achieving the product Zen.

Dmitry Vasilyev, Director of Industrial Design Studio Development at Karfidov Lab



Digital platform for engineers. Accelerate the development of prototypes and production of parts reducing costs by using 3D-printing technologies and CNC machining.

Igor Krasovskyi, General Manager, Andrey Panchenko, Technical Director LOGEEKS



Industrial design as part of Strategy Design.

Timur Burbayev, Art Director of Artemy Lebedev Studio / Anthony Riou, CEO, ON Group (France)


The topic will be announced shortly

PIERO QUINTILIANI, Design director Pq design studio (Italy)


Directions of development of engineering calculations of thermoplastic casting under pressure through the example of Moldex3D (version 17) products

Igor Barvinsky, Chief Specialist, CSoft JSC


Industrial design as a tool for developing a successful product.

The complexity of the perception of the term “design”: system engineering or art? Real cases of SmirnovDesign.

Sergey Smirnov, General Director, Smirnov Design


Direct and inverse problems of industrial design in the formation of demand for the production of consumer goods for the population.

Anastasia Zinovieva,  Silver Champion of the National Championship 2018, Certified Expert on the competence "Industrial Design"

WorldSkills Russia


Open Discussion.

Experts: Inna Artemenkova – Director of Interbranch Research and Production Centre, Anastasia Krylova – Director of Russian Product Design Assocation, Certified Expert of WorldSkills Russia


Conference closing