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New products and standards by Sistema at Rosmold 2020

Mar 24, 2020

SYSTEM, the official representative of DME, Mold-Masters and Besdia will present solutions for manufacturers of molds and dies for molding plastic products, as well as new products


SYSTEMA, the official representative of DME, Mold-Masters and Besdia, is a new exhibitor of Rosmould 2020, will present both standard solutions for manufacturers of molds and dies for molding plastic products and new products. They can offer the best solutions for your company, which will help increase the life of injection molding equipment, improve the quality of plastic products, as well as reduce waste and production waste.

SYSTEMA announces the latest insert for applying a QR code in the casting process and the latest Me thermal controller. An individual QR code is a unique opportunity to make available to your customers up-to-date information about your products using a smartphone and other readers.

The Me Thermocontroller is a universal model for providing control of casting control. Temperature controllers are built into automatic control systems and regulate the set parameters by controlling the executive equipment.


Among the main exhibits will be presented:

A wide range of ultrasonic devices, drills and pneumatic tools, materials and tools for polishing molds, as well as service chemistry and special preparations for ensuring the technological process of production of plastic products.


High-quality and proper polishing of forming surfaces is the key to success and a guarantee of high consumer properties of any plastic product at the outlet.

Polishing technicians will advise, demonstrate and test tools and equipment, and upon request will be able to conduct training for specialists in your production.

"System" will demonstrate and will be able to test on your samples the best hand tools from Japan, the USA and Germany:

-nippers classic, pneumatic, with heating;
- industrial scalpels;
- blatt knives and stuff.


DME mold packages according to the EURO standard with the proposed list of types of package sizes included in the DME promotional program (favorable price - fast delivery).

Devices for forming solid threads and undercuts are the CC CORE and DT CORE rods from DME, which visitors could hold in their hands and consider the principle of the mechanism.

счетчик циклов

Electronic and mechanical cycle counters

A wide range of pushers, including carbon-coated DLC.


Mold-Masters hot runner systems and samples of products obtained by two-color casting - a sectional collector that demonstrates the features of manufacturing injection channels, injectors with various types of tips.


You can test the operation on the temperature and control controller of the GC series M1 and Me thermal controllers provide various temperature processes: heating, cooling, maintaining a given parameter, etc., help prevent material leakage at the booth of Sistema on Rosmould 2020.

Also, GKS experts will talk about the electric autonomous injection unit E-multi, used in multi-component casting instead of multi-component injection molding machines.

GC repair service engineers from the European and Russian Mold-Masters service centers will be present at the exhibition, who will be able to advise on the correct use, replacement, repair of GC parts for its long-term uninterrupted operation.

Representatives of the Sistema company will be able to advise customers on technical issues and talk about the service available to Russian customers, thanks to close partnership with European brands that have already established themselves in the Russian market.

For Russian customers, Sistema provides:

- express delivery of all spare parts and equipment (delivery time to Moscow for standard items 5-7 days
- express delivery of service chemicals from a warehouse in Moscow
- consultation on the selection of spare parts, hot runner systems, equipment for polishing molds and much more in Russian
- services of a service center in Russia, where it is possible to provide warranty and post-warranty service
- Organization of a specialist’s visit to the customer’s production to demonstrate products and new products, conduct training or solve a problem using the proposed equipment and materials.

The system delivers components and equipment to all regions of Russia and does not limit customers to the amount of the order.


Employees of the Sistema company will demonstrate to visitors the work of the updated site, where it is convenient to select all the parts and materials, quickly generate applications, and also find additional information on the equipment and news of the company.

You can download the product catalog and send a request to the online store

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