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Piero Quintiliani, Design Director, Pq design studio (Italy) will overview "Small, medium and large plastic parts: from design to manufacturing by Pq design studio" at the the V International Conference on Industrial Design of Plastic Products "IDEAS. DESIGN. ITEMS”

Jun 6, 2019

PQ Design is the product design firm, a team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers that work together for global Brands. One of the best Italian industrial design company.


PQ Design is a product design studio customer oriented


PQ Design is a perfect partner if you have been looking for a product design agency. The company provides services on creativity and development of industrial product design and supports its’ customers with innovative design strategies that stand out on the market for quality, elegance and effectiveness of the solutions.

PQ Design is an Italian industrial design company that works with international brands. With consultancy that produces value, quality and innovation: we develop ideas and solutions to create successful products with a strong identity and excellent performance.

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