07 – 09 June 2022 Moscow, IEC "Crocus Expo" Participation

Post-release of ROSMOULD 2019

Record results of ROSMOUD 2019 - growth in all indicators!

The exposition has increased by 50%.

The number of visitors increased by 20%.


From 18 to 20 June 2019, the 14th international exhibition of manufacturing solutions of the new generation ROSMOLD 2019 was successfully held in Crocus Expo in Moscow.

ROSMOULD is the only specialized exhibition in Russia covering the entire manufacturing chain from design to a finished product. Thus, at the exhibition, manufacturers receive solutions for all stages of the production process.

200 exhibitors from 16 countries demonstrated their innovative products and developments to 7 024 visitors in the following areas:

  • Design and Product Engineering
  • Additive Technologies
  • Moulds. Die Moulds. Stamps
  • Materials
  • Machinery and Tooling

The leading local manufacturers of stamps and die moulds presented their products at ROSMOULD 2019: Dmitrovsky instrumentalny zavod, Design Bureau "Press-forma", Kvalitet, T-Mould,  Prof-NN, SatIZ, Techosnastka, FORSH, UrFu and others.

The foreign manufacturers have presented their modern solutions for die moulds and equipment for plastic industry: ATLANT, LPR Mold (Belarus), HASCO, Schuelken Form, Strack Norma (Germany), Matricats (Spain), Moretto (Italy), Tecnijusta (Portugal), Jaewoo Molds (South Korea), Neotronics (Taiwan), EBS, Guvenal Die&Mould, Kiranda Plastik (Turkey), ON limited, Nord Composites (France), Plastic Parts & Technology (Czech Respublic), ZIRCON (Estonia) and others.

For the first time ROSMOUD presented 2 specialized expositions


Due to the growing interest of visitors in additive technologies, the exhibition team decided to organize a special exposition within the framework of ROSMOLD.

The “Solutions of Additive Manufacturing” exposition presented current achievments of leaders of the Russian and international market such as Sisma, Siu Sistem - (3D Systems), Dipaul Engineering (DSM, Dynamic Tools, Insstek, Shining3D), 3D Control (Envisiontec, Hexagon, Abagy Robotic Systems, Surphaser , Romer, SLM Solutions), Cybercom (Netfabb, Aicon, Artec 3D, Creaform, Range Vision), Oerlikon, Imprinta, TotalZ, U3Print, Matricats, Terem and other companies.

Exhibitors presented solutions in the following areas:

  • Industrial and personal 3D-equipment
  • Technologies of additive manufacturing
  • 3D-scanning
  • Software
  • Materials for 3D-printing

Highly successful premiere of the VDMA AG AM pavilion at Rosmould was supported by Formnext.

Premiere and launch of the first VDMA AG AM pavilion at Rosmould 2019 was highly successful and attracted a lot of attention at Russia’s leading trade fair for the mold, die and tooling industry reaching out to Russian manufacturers especially from the automotive, aerospace, energy and mechanical engineering sectors. Especially recognizable was a high attendance of smaller and middle size enterprises.

A good lineup of international and national speakers, content program and the user case area delivered insights and samples explaining the advantages of using Additive Manufacturing in the right way in industrial environments and applications. VDMA AG AM, Messe Frankfurt RUS and Formnext will continue and develop the partnership in the coming years offering AM and and its synergies with conventional technologies at Rosmould in the coming years. Participants 2019 were Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing, Arburg, Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena, ExOne, Formnext, Gefertec, PEM RWTH Aachen University, Protique, SMS Group, Trumpf, VDMA AG AM.


For the convenience of visitors, ROSMOULD also presented a separate exposition “Rosplast - Technologies and Equipment for Plastics Industry”. The exposition was presented by the leading companies of the industry - Moretto, Solan-D, Polyplastic Group, Europolymer Trading, Babyplast, Eurochiller RUS, Balitech, Creative Machinery and Equipment, Spetsplast, VIVTEH, YUDO, Eastmax, Gemini Promplast and others.

Exhibitors of ROSPLAST presented products and technologies in the following product groups:

  • Plastics and composites (thermoplastics, thermosets and polymer materials based on thermosets, caoutchouc, rubber, resins, etc.)
  • Equipment for plastics processing  (injection molding machines, extruders, blow molding machines, etc.)
  • Peripheral equipment (robots, dryers, dosers, granulators, thermal control and cooling systems, etc.)
  • Automatization and quality control equipment
  • Equipment for recycling
  • Measuring equipment and metrology

Business and educational exhibition program


The program of events within the ROSMOUD 2019 was very intensive and  highly topical as never before: 2 conferences,1 forum, a round table and panel dsicussion, more than 70 Russian and foreign speakers and a technical tour! 

The exhibition was opened by a panel discussion on the prospects for the application of additive technologies in various industries and the future of the plastics sector. The discussion was held by representatives of the VDMA AG AM, the organizers of the exhibition formnext (Germany) and the management of the company Moretto - a manufacturer of equipment for plastic processing. Participants emphasized the importance of the economic component in traditional and innovative production.


The exposition “Solutions of Additive Manufacturing” was supported by the Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Forum. More than 370 delegates get acquainted with sucessful cases of the leading companies which have integrated additive manufacturing in their production.

The project is growing fast and raise important topics of the industry. Forum is supported by formnext and have become the only one platform in Russia for the dialogue between Russian and European manufacturers.

Key market players took part in the Forum.

The FITNIK company became the Forum’s partner. They discussed development of additive manufacturing in Russia. Session “Foreign countries experience” combined almost all leaders of additive manufacturing in Europe: TRUMPF, Oerlikon, EOS, SLM Solutions, VDMA and Fraunhofer IPT and ACAM - Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing, 3DCeram, SMS Group.

Russian manufacturers were represented by the companies Cybercom, HARZ Labs, Polema, AB Universal, Imprinta, Total Z, RUSAL, Additive Solutions and many others.

It is clear that additive technologies forum will become one of the main platforms for discussion the sore subjects in industry and concluding deals.

The Additive Technologies Forum provides an opportunity to explain advantages of new technologies to potential clients. Before the Forum I could not expect that keen interest in my presentation and so many questions. As a result, I got a lot of new contacts at the Forum.

I was pleasantly surprised by the speakers list of the Forum. I can say the most famous Russian specialists actively participated in the Forum.

I liked organization of the Forum and professionalism of the moderators. Interesting list of speakers and topics. The presentations were very interesting and topics were actual. The Additive Technologies Forum was very effective and interesting event. We were happy to share our experience in 3D-printing and got to know about new projects of our colleagues.


For the first time, Sergey Pushkin, the CEO of 3Dtoday -  the top Russian Internet portal dedicated to AM, conducted a professional technical tour at the Additive Technologies Exposition. 52 specialists took part in the tour, enjoyed the exposition and found about practical details of additive manufacturing. 


The ROSPLAST exposition was supported by the V International Conference on Industrial Design of Plastic Products "IDEAS. DESIGN. ITEMS"

Key topics of the conference:

  • Modern industrial design: Experience of small-scale production of large and small-sized products by means of composite and modular tooling - 2 cases.
  • Collaboration of industrial designer and design engineer for achieving a product zen.
  • The complexity of the term “design”: system engineering or art?

and many other topics.

The stars of Russian and International industrial design presented their cases: Design Studio ART-AP, Art. Lebedev Studio, ON Limited (France), Pq Design Studio (Italy), Matricats (Spain), CSoft, Karfidov LAB Design Studio ”, LOGEEKS, Smirnov Design, and others.


For the second time, Technical conference "Injection Molding. Molds. Technologies. Equipment" was successfully held in the framework of ROSMOULD.

The conference features 2 sessions:

1. Molds and tools. Design, manufacture, maintenance.

2. Injection molding machines and auxiliary equipment.

Quality control, problem identification and solving.

The conference was attended by the leading manufacturers of injection molding equipment as well as by the manufacturers of goods produced by the means of injection molding. The experts in the molding industry shared their experience and practical cases: I.E. Goldberg, representatives of the companies DERREN LLC, T-Mold, STRACK NORMA, DMG MORI, SCHUELKEN FORM, CSoft JSC, Japanese Molding Machines, Europolymer Trading, AB Universal, GC Industrial Technologies and others.

Co-organizer of the Conference – EPC "Profession“.

The general sponsor of the Conference: The Japan Steel Works (JSW).

Official partners: T-Mold, DMG MORI.

For the first time, the exhibition included a round table of the enterprises of the Samara region with the participation of the Export Support Center of the Foundation Regional Center for Entrepreneurship Development of the Samara Region and the Russian Toolmakers Association, which presented a collective stand at the exhibition.

The Round Table was dedicated to the Measures of State support for export-oriented companies of the Samara region and Interaction of small tool enterprises in the framework of the Association of Toolmakers of Russia.

The members of the AIR Toolmakers Association took an active part in the round table: Freserform, Prototype LLC, Innovative Projects LLC, Tekhnostroy Plus LLC, Olesa RUS LLC, Samara University and others.

Exhibitors about ROSMOULD 2019:

It is obvious that development of Russian economy influenced the development of the industry. Last year I was at ROSMOULD as a visitor, and the exhibition has grown comparing to the last year. The list of participants has changed, there are fewer Asian manufacturers and more Russian ones. For us, the number of visitors was quite high.I know that the exhibition team has done a lot to promote the event. Our target audience has known us for a long time, but there were also new visitors, whom we did not know before, outlined interesting contacts. At this exhibition we also met our old customers to discuss the details of supplying our products. Our goal of participation in ROSMOULD is above all to show our exclusive products, which have no analogues in Russia: large moulds and polymers. Our new equipment was very interesting for the visitors of our booth.

For comparison, I was at Formnext in Frankfurt, so the ROSMOULD is quite comparable in terms of level and quality. As for the number of visitors, the first two days were very rich. Our stand was visited by new potential customers, our capabilities and solutions were of great interest. First of all, our goal at the exhibition was to present ourselves as a company that has been operating in the market for the second year. FITNIK is a Russian-German joint venture established by leaders in the field of design and additive manufacturing, the Russian company NIK and the German company FIT AG. And, of course, we have been planning to aquire new customers during the exhibiton. There were interesting contacts for our business, everything went as we expected. I also was a speaker at the Additive Technologies Forum and my presentation caused a good interest from the participants side.

We participate in ROSMOULD for the second time, and in general, we liked everything. There was interest in our products, there are customers in Russia, and we want to expand this market. Last year we took part in an exhibition in Norway - there were several times fewer visitors than here. And here at ROSMOUDL it is very lively. Here come the experts. Our booth was visited by new people, there were interesting contacts. In the near future, we will develop proposals for the received requests and will evaluate the results. The main goal of our participation in the exhibition was to get new customers from Russia.

The impressions of the exhibition are very positive, this year the clients were approaching our stand much more seriously - already with ready-made technical tasks. The quality of visitors has changed for the better, and this year we received 3 times more real orders. 90% of visitors of our stand were new potential customers for us. During the exhibition, several cooperation decisions were made. Our main goal at the exhibition was to meet new customers and our expectations of participation in ROSMOULD were met.

See you at ROSMOULD 2020!

The next international exhibition ROMSOULD will be held from 8 to 10 June 2020 in Crocus Expo, Moscow.