Conference "Plastic processing – Recycling – Circular Economics"

When: June 2021

Where: Moscow, IEC "Crocus Expo", Pavilion 1

Co-organizer:  FSUE “STC “Chemvest” 

Moderator: Igor Lyashkov, Deputy Director, FSUE “STC “Chemvest”

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The modern world is the world of plastic. More than 80% of the objects in our life are created using petrochemicals. The entry of plastic into our life has opened up new horizons; many products have become more affordable, the design and production potential has changed. However, due to easy accessibility and low cost, plastic has become a problem. In 2019, environmental issues by various types of plastic wastes reached its peak and reached the highest level of discussion. International organizations, industry associations and manufacturers discuss various ways for dealing with plastic waste. Experts see the preservation of the environment in plastic processing and the development of circular economy.

Many socially responsible companies are realizing or thinking about creating "return chains" and recycling. According to the leading analytical agencies, the circular economy can bring companies additional profit of $ 4.5 trillion by 2030. Business models meaning the recycling help to achieve economic growth and increase competitiveness while reducing the consumption of natural resources. Plastic production compared to other materials is often more environmentally friendly and efficient.

However, it’s impossible to achieve such success with the efforts of manufacturers only. Responsible consumption and separate collection of waste is one of the most important aspects of its preservation.

FSUE “STC “Chemvest” by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia in cooperation with Messe Frankfurt RUS will present the Conference “Plastic processing – Recycling – Circular Economics” in the frames of business program of ROSPLAST 2020. During the Conference consumers, manufacturers and suppliers of plastic, raw materials and processing equipment will talk about the prospects of waste treatment. Using live cases the experts will demonstrate the advantages of circular economy and explain how important is to recycle and develop the culture of waste management.

Besides the Conference will evaluate the trends in the plastic international and domestic market.

To take part in the Conference, please send an e-mail to, marked “Recycling”.

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