Technical conference "Injection Molding. Molds, technologies, equipment"

The conference is fee-based.  Language: Russian

The program of the Conference in under development and will be available on the site soon. We suggest you to learn the topics of the last year Conference. 

Work Program

General Partner: The Japan Steel Works

Official Partners: DMG MORI, Tavrida-Electric

Session 1:


Molds and tools.

Design, manufacture, maintenance.

09:30    Registration of participants of the Session 1. Opening. Welcome speech

             Alexander Ogay, EPC “Profession”

10:00    Innovation instrumental steel of ultra-high thermal conductivity

            A.Antoshin, Derren

10:30    Practical case – the efficiency of GKS application and modeling in MOLDEX the mold for complex products

            A.Mashkin, Tavrida-Electric

11:00    Sequence control of mold opening. STRACK (R) take-off assembly

           A.Multatuli, Strack Norma

11:30   Single technological complex for the manufacture of molding parts of injection molds: material-

machine-tools-technology-DMG MORI

            DMG Mori Rus

12:00    German quality at the Russian market. Problems and solutions

           Marco Schuelken, General Manager, Schuelken Form (Germany)

12:30    Innovative technologies for thermoplastics molding


13:00 – 13:30 Discussion

Session 2:


Injection molding machines and auxiliary equipment.

Quality control, problem identification and solving.

14:00    Registration of participants of the Session 2. Opening. Welcome speech.

            (EPC “Profession”, A. Ogay)

14:00    Registration of participants of the Session 2. Opening. Welcome speech

            Alexander Ogay, EPC “Profession”

14:30    Inhomogeneity of structure of molded details from thermoplastics and its influence on quality

             I.A.Barvinsky, Si-Soft

             M.B.Sakovtzeva, Si-Soft

             E.L.Kalinichev, Si-Soft

15:00    Success reasons of JSW electric injection molding machines in Russia

             K. Greig, The Japan Steel Works (Japan-Russia)

15:30    Typical size of hot runner systems according to materials and product geometry using YUDO equipment

              V.Korchagin, YUDO

16:00   Cooling process of injection molding machines. Process optimization

           Georgy Svarzhevskiy, Evropolimer-Trading

16:30    Special aspects of preparation of details manufacture from lath

           V. Duvidzon, AB-Universal

17:00    How to increase the effectiveness of molding enterprise using the system “Transparent production”

             I.Evstrin, Industrial Technologies Group

17:30 – 18:00 Discussion

(Thermoplastics injection molding, 2d edition. Injection molding machines, problem identification and solving)

For participation please contact

Dmitry Shelamov

Show Director

Дмитрий Шеламов

Conference Partners :

jsw en

General Partner

Japan Steel Works (JSW) is producing in Hiroshima first class Electric injection molding machines more than last 30 years and upto 3.000 tons, the biggest in world among electric machines. 

лого T-mould web

Official Partner

Instrumental plant "T-Mold" (Sevastopol) realizes the whole production chain - from engineering to testing the following equipment:

  • molds for thermoplastics; 
  • molds for rubber and liquid silicone;
  • conductors and other specialized equipment;
  • dies (blanking, punching, bending, drawing, combined).

Official Partner

DMG MORI is a world leader in the field of machine-tool industry, one of the largest manufacturers of cutting machine tools and a manufacturer of CNC-controlled Lathes and Milling machines. Products include machines, industrial services and software and energy solutions.