Впервые компания "PP&T" (Plastic Parts & Technology, Чехия) примет участие в "РОСМОЛДе" (Стенд А.19)!

16 апр. 2019 г.

Чешская компания с традицией инструментального производства с 1927 г. Современное оборудование и опыт сотрудников делают предприятие одним из ведущих инструментальных производителей.

лого ппт

Moulds and products produced with them can be found in the automotive, packaging and medical industries, as well as, for example, the electrical engineering industry. PP&T customers include companies in the EU and Great Britain, as well as in the USA, Turkey, Israel and Japan.

Today the company team consists of almost 140 specialists and professionals who focus on precision manufacturing so that PP&T can deliver the products on time and in the highest quality. The company also continues to develop and expand its team and machines and to create new tool-making methods and techniques, while in sheet pressing the enterprise also contributes to the development of high-tech products that are now a part of everyday life.

More info: https://www.pptechnology.cz/en/business/